Resources for Our Child and Adult Patients and Families

We know that when a family first encounters developmental delays in a child, it can be a frightening experience. When adults struggle with literacy or language difficulties, it can be just as difficult. We are here to help. Our staff have many decades of experience helping both children and adults overcome speech, occupational and feeding difficulties. We also know how to help children catch up to their developmental milestones.

A Special Offer Help Those New to Our Clinics

If you are just beginning your search for an expert pediatric therapist, please talk to us about our free 15-minute phone consultation. We will find out what difficulties you are dealing with and help you understand how we can help. To learn more about this special offer for patients new to our clinics, please click the button below.

Developmental Milestones

These milestones help pediatricians, parents, caregivers and teachers identify when a child may need extra help. A child falling behind in one or more of these milestones may not be cause for concern but it indicates that the child’s progress should be monitored to ensure that they catch up to the abilities and development expected at each age.

Learn more about developmental milestones by clicking the link below.

Getting Started at Language Essentials

The first step for your child will be a careful evaluation. This will let us determine which skills your child needs help with. We strive to make every appointment as fun and enjoyable as possible for each child so they look forward to their next appointment. The therapist may therefore use toys, games, swings or obstacle courses to engage your child and accurately assess their ability.

Every visit, your therapist will collaborate with you so that you are informed about your child’s needs and progress, and that you know how to continue the improvement at home.

When you are ready to start your child’s speech, occupational or feeding therapy at Language Essentials, simply call us at (925) 743-3322. We will do our best to accommodate your scheduling needs.

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