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About Language Essentials

Language Essentials provides services to both children and adults of  the Tri-Valley, San Joaquin Valley and Greater East Bay Area. The broad spectrum of our care includes speech therapy for children and adults and occupational therapy and feeding therapy for children

We cultivate a caring and inclusive environment for all our patients. We know that when we do our jobs well, those who come to us for help can lead more enjoyable and successful lives. Our staff have decades of experience evaluating the needs of both children and adults and providing the right therapy to help them thrive.

Benefits of Our Services

These skills and many more result in improved self-esteem, confidence and independence for both children and adults.

Improved hand and wrist strength

Better dexterity when handling small objects

Greater control of large muscles resulting in better balance and coordination

Increased hand-eye coordination

Mastery of basic life skills such as feeding self and getting dressed

Improved behavior and social skills

Ability to use augmentative and assistive communication devices

Improved pronunciation

Improved swallowing function

Better reading skills and vocabulary

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