Success Stories

Highly recommended! I am a pediatrician and my daughter has Down Syndrome. We have been going to Language Essentials in Livermore since it opened. Maggie, the receptionist is the BEST! She ALWAYS works with you on any kind of issue you have with scheduling, billing, anything at all. She promptly returns calls, emails-and truly makes my busy life much easier!! You truly can't get better service. My daughter's therapist Paula is equally amazing!! She is so organized, knowledgeable, and always has a plan in place, builds on prior lessons, and really moves my daughter's speech forward. I don't know what I would do without the support I receive for my daughter from Language Essentials in Livermore. I refuse to go anywhere else - they are simply THE BEST in the area!

We've been with them for almost four years now from San Ramon to Livermore. My child started as a non-verbal, and now he is doing great! Even though we have moved farther, we still come here because this is one of the best. Even my pediatrician knows about them, and they are highly recommended. They deserve more than 5 stars!

We have been extremely satisfied with the speech therapy our 3 year-old daughter received at Language Essentials. She has a severe articulation issue, and has worked with two different therapists at L.E.- Leanne and Adriana. Both therapists had an excellent rapport with our daughter, and made her, my husband, and me comfortable at every session. The speech therapists always took time with me after each session to summarize the work they did, and would provide ideas that I could implement at home to continue practice. When she was tested for Apraxia, a number of new questions arose for us, and the therapists and supervisor worked collaboratively to answer all of our questions professionally, thoroughly, and with an obvious purpose of meeting our daughter's specific speech needs. We were impressed to see the different strategies they began implementing when new data arose from testing. Maggie at reception is beyond helpful, and advocates for clients when it comes to dealing with insurance questions and issues. She is very flexible and understanding when scheduling issues arise, and makes a personal connection with families as they come and go.

After seeing several therapists in my "neck of the woods" that I wasn't happy with, I decided that I would try out Language Essentials and see if it was worth the commute. For 8 months, I made the drive from Half Moon Bay to San Ramon once a week for my 28 month old to receieve expressive and receptive one-on-one therapy from Ms. Paula. It was absolutely worth it! Melissa (at the front desk) and our therapist were both very accommodating to our drive time. We found a schedule that worked with traffic and Ms. Paula extended our sessions so we could visit once a week rather than twice a week.

To be honest, our initial evaulation was rough and my daughter didn't want to cooperate with the evaulating therapist. I wanted throw in the towel immediately, but I realize now that it was simply my fears speaking. Navigating the right path when looking for therapy, is scary and stressful. But Language Essentials took me under their wing. They let me sit in on sessions in the beginning so I could understand my child's delays and gain strategies to use at home. At the end of every session, Ms. Paula took 5-10 min. to go over my child's achievements and goals.

After consistent work, my daughter passed her age appropriate assessment. It was with a heavy heart that we parted ways with Ms. Paula. I knew she had helped us get to where we needed to be, but speech therapy had become such a wonderful part of our week, that it was hard to say goodbye.

I can't say enough positive things about our experience as a family at Language Essentials. I truly felt like they educated me as a parent, as well as my child!

I would highly recommend this place. My teenage son has had speech therapy for about a year now with his speech therapist Ms. Paula. She is very caring and experienced with a variety of age appropriate material that is his level to better help him with not only his speech, but also other things such as inferencing. My son has good speech skills, but needed some fine tuning. I have already seen improvement in my son and he is really happy going to speech therapy. I was taking him to another speech therapy place before I found Language Essentials, but I thought the material was for more little kids and not the level that my son needed. The speech and language skills he is receiving here will help him in situations that are essential at his age such as looking for a job, going to college, etc.

All the staff at Language Essentials is pleasant and professional! From Melissa at the front desk, to Renee who gave my 4 year old daughter her assessment, and finally her speech therapist, Ms. Jill. Jill has worked with my daughter for almost a year and I have seen a dramatic change in her language and her sentence formation. She now catches her mistakes and corrects herself before anyone else can correct her. When I changed insurance companies and they didn't accept my insurance, they still worked with me to make sure I could continue speech therapy without a gap in sessions! I have enjoyed working with everyone at this company and would recommend them to anyone!

My daughter has been with them for years, she was completely non-verbal when she began at 4 and her now being 8 you can see zero delays in her communication and speech skills. My daughter's case was definitely more difficult than your average child coming in but they handled it with grace. I'm really impressed with how well my daughter has done. It takes patience and time to begin seeing your results but they are most definitely fruitful when they arrive. Thank you for helping my daughter so much.

I highly recommend Language Essentials in Livermore. We have had a positive experience every step of the way. The receptionist, Maggie, has been a dream to work with. Her title is not fitting to what she does. Maggie has helped us navigate some very confusing insurance issues and always follows up immediately on any emails I have sent. Our therapist, Meghan, has also been amazing. I asked her to help me pull together some information for my son's school IEP meeting and she was very collaborative. I also appreciate the hand outs that are sent home to continue the education. Meghan takes the time to explain what is being worked on and how I can do things to aid the process at home.

My 4 1/2 year old daughter has been coming to Language Essentials for approximately 2 years now. She was not talking at 2.5 years old and we had experiences with Language Essentials in San Ramon for my son when he was 3 years old and so it was a no-brainer that we would return to the same speech company that had helped us soo much with his speaking and understanding. My little girl absolutely loves her speech therapist and her ability to talk and be understood has increased by at least 75%. It is a dramatic difference!! It makes me soo happy because she looks forward to her speech therapy session every week because she considers her speech therapist her personal friend and she thinks they are playing all the time because of all of the fun new toys that they have in their office. I personally never had any experiences prior to my having children with any speech therapy sessions nor did I know anything about exactly what speech therapy was or did. I truly believe that it is such a necessary therapy for children to help them to be able to communicate, especially when the child might have a special diagnosis that makes it harder for them to understand and vocalize what they want to say. We LOVE Language Essentials! They have 2 locations in the East Bay in Livermore and San Ramon and they are providers of every health Insurance that we have ever had. They are soo wonderful! They are definitely a part for our family! xoxox