Pediatric Speech Therapy
in San Ramon, Livermore and Tracy, California

We Help Children Thrive with Pediatric Speech Therapy

There are many reasons a child needs pediatric speech therapy. In some cases, it’s because of a physical impediment, such as a cleft palate. Or a child might simply be delayed in learning to pronounce certain sounds or they won’t speak at all.

Our pediatric therapists have helped thousands of children learn to pronounce sounds more clearly, overcome stuttering, and develop enhanced communication skills. Some children coming to us need to learn to use augmentative and assistive communication devices and we help them, too.

Accessible Speech Therapy

We’ve provided speech therapy to toddlers and to those as old as 17. Some had fallen behind on their developmental milestones while others came to us because of specific diagnoses like autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, intellectual delay or sensory processing disorders. The job is the same with each; improve their speech and ability to communicate! But always, always— keep it fun and enjoyable!

Who Can Benefit from Pediatric Speech Therapy?

Children who struggle in any of the following ways can benefit from this therapy at Language Essentials:

  • Speech is not understood by others
  • Difficulty with pitch or volume
  • Does not speak at all
  • Unable to put words together in a sentence
  • Can’t follow directions
  • Drops out certain sounds
  • Stutters
  • Unable to express needs or feelings
  • Poor comprehension when reading
  • Doesn’t make eye contact or listen
  • Needs to learn to use augmentive and alternative communication devices

Struggles like these typically make life difficult and frustrating for the child. In fact, it’s rough for the whole family! Once communication becomes easier and even fun, children begin to manifest better behavior inside and outside the home. Playtime with other children and integration into a classroom environment become more effortless.

Starting Pediatric Speech Therapy

Perhaps your pediatrician has recommended speech therapy for your child. Or maybe your child’s preschool teacher pointed out a problem. We are ready to provide you with an accurate evaluation of your child’s needs. Just give us a call at (925) 743-3322.

After that, our skilled therapists gently and patiently help your child learn the exact skills needed to open up their ability to communicate. It might involve strengthening facial muscles or teaching them how to communicate their needs more clearly. Some children need to learn to use augmentative and alternative communication devices. 

Our therapists have dozens of tools to use in these sessions, many involving toys, games, stories and activities to keep the child interested and learning. We even offer teletherapy for children who cannot come to our clinic. Social skills groups providing a natural environment where children learn to interact with peers offer another layer of communication improvement.

All this interaction engages a child’s interest and encourages more communication. Gradually, children learn to understand the communications of others and how to express their needs better. By doing so, they become more independent and confident which improves their social behavior and self-esteem.

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When seeking speech therapy evaluations or a speech therapy clinic in San Ramon, Livermore or Tracy, CA, please call us. Also ask about our free 15-minute phone consultation to learn how we can change your child’s life! Call (925) 743-3322 or fill out the form below to get started.