Speech, Occupational and Feeding Therapy Services
at Language Essentials

Welcome to Language Essentials

We are delighted that you have found Language Essentials. Our therapists are dedicated to providing pediatric speech, occupational and feeding therapy, along with adult speech therapy services.

To make the best progress, our therapists know how to keep your child interested, engaged and progressing. With the use of toys, games, fun movement activities and much more, our experienced and dedicated staff can help your child develop new skills and strengths to help them integrate into home or school environments.

Our Services

Our expert, caring and experienced therapists are ready to start working with your child on their speech, occupational and feeding therapy.

Pediatric Speech Therapy

There are many ways that the need for pediatric speech therapy can manifest itself. It can show up as difficulty making sounds or as stuttering. There can be problems understanding what is said or with putting one’s thoughts into words. We can help with all of these difficulties and many more.

We are also skilled in assisting children in learning to use augmentative and alternative communication devices.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

The benefits of pediatric occupational therapy are far-reaching, from helping children learn to care for themselves to helping them gain hand strength and dexterity. Occupational therapy for a child prepares them to integrate into a household or classroom, and to function comfortably in social settings and by themselves.

Our first job is to observe a child’s needs and then plan their therapy to enable them to catch up to the developmental milestones for their age. In pediatric occupational therapy, we work to develop better motor, cognitive, play and self-care skills.

Pediatric Feeding Therapy

Sensory struggles and swallowing disorders can lead to traumatic mealtimes and undernourished children. Language Essentials can help by providing gentle and patient introduction to new foods, or by helping the child retrain the muscles that can enable them to swallow more efficiently.

Feeding problems are present in many diagnoses such as cerebral palsy, autism or prematurity. From toddlers to teens, we can help children overcome the problems that prevent them from enjoying a varied and nutritious diet.

Adult services

Many adults need speech therapy, too. Some adults have struggled with a stutter or difficulty pronouncing certain sounds since childhood. Other adults may have lost some of their ability to communicate clearly due to a traumatic brain injury or stroke.

We can also help with voice disorders whether they result from overuse or a medical condition. Some adult patients with Parkinson’s may benefit from speech therapy to improve their vocal quality.

Please contact us with confidence that we understand adult speech therapy and provide it in a friendly and compassionate environment.

About Our Locations

We have three locations in Northern California to enable us to reach as many families in the Greater East Bay Area, Tri-Valley and San Joaquin Valley. They are in San Ramon, Livermore and Tracy. We have carefully chosen locations that are easily accessible from major Interstates such as 5, 205, 580 and 680.

San Ramon

San Ramon is where the Language Essentials story started. From this location, we provide services for children from Walnut Creek to Dublin, and from Oakland to Fremont.


In Livermore, the children receiving therapy come from all over the Tri-Valley, encompassing Amador Valley, San Ramon Valley, and Livermore Valley. We are also easily accessible to Fremont and Silicon Valley.


Our newest location extends our therapy services to the San Joaquin Valley. Now, children up to age 17 living in Modesto and Stockton can experience the benefits of our speech, occupational and feeding therapies.

Contact Us for More Information

Do you have questions or want to set up an appointment? Reach out to us using the contact form below or give us a call at (925) 743-3322 and one of our staff will be happy to help!